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The Hardwood Top Wear Layer
Only quality hardwood grades with the finest combinations of grain pattern and color are chosen for your discriminating eye. Because of their thickness—nominal 3 mm or 1/8 inch—which moreover provides a surface wear layer almost equivalent to that of a 3/4-inch solid wood floor, BELLEFLOOR Engineered Hardwood Floors can be resanded up to two times.

BELLEFLOOR High-Performance
UV Acrylic Finishing

Our thorough finishing process, involving as many as six to eight coats of varnish, provides a hard, strong, low-maintenance and formaldehyde-free finish that’s ideal for residential purposes. Our featured "Anti-Scratch" wear resistance is one of the highest rated in the industry.
The Support Layer
BELLEFLOOR support layer consists of cross-grained, water-resistant plywood designed to minimize expansion and contraction in the top layer. Owing to this inherent stability, fluctuating weather conditions have little noticeable effect on our flooring. Additionally, scorings on the support layer's underside allow the flooring strip to easily adapt to sub-floor contours.
    Micro-Beveled Joints
The fineness of BELLEFLOOR micro-beveled joints far surpasses the industry average, giving each flooring strip unparalleled regularity and ease of installation.
  Milled to Perfection
Scrupulously measured milling ensures that each tongue-and-groove joint, on all four sides, fits perfectly into the adjoining strip.
Total thickness 14 mm.
Top wear layer 3 mm. solid wood
Support layer 11 mm. plywood (WBP, E1)
Width 90 mm. or 135 mm.
Packaged in random lengths 300-1200 mm. or 900-2100 mm.
Profile Four side tongue & groove, Micro-beveled edges
Finishing UV Acrylic Lacquer approximately 80 gram/sq.m./ UV Oil
Tongue and Groove: Perfect Fit Tongue and Groove Joints for easy installation
Double End: Quality Double End on each individual plank
Scoring: Precise Scorings for easy adaptability to sub-floor contours

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