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Our installation process requires high potential products to suit the hardwood floors, we use Bostik products imported from Australia. Bostik provides polyurethane adhesive, epoxy moisture and vapour barrier, sealants, and self-levelling cementitious overlay.

Bostik Ultraset

One part polyurethane elastomeric adhesive formulated to adhere most types of wood, parquet, strip and sheet timber flooring systems to leveled concrete and timber substrates, or over existing floors.


Bostik Moisture Seal

A two part, high performance, water based epoxy moisture and vapour barrier formulated to prevent water seepage and permeation in building and construction substrates.


Bostik Ultralevel SLC

Ultralevel SLC is a rapid hardening self-levelling, single component cementitious underlay. Ultralevel SLC has been formulated to achieve a smooth flat surface with ease of application and maximum flow without any shrinkage or cracking.


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